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Erebus floated among the clouds, looking down at the so called metropolis of Gallion city below him from a birdseye view. Not a single human in sight. As far as he knew, there was no curfew that took place - the buildings and skyscrapers were completely hollow of life... uninhabited.

He continued to soar through the sky. There was definatly no curfew. Nor any evacuation. Erebus was well informed, but obviously not to this extent if his contacts have been effected by whatever has occured.

Suddenly, he spotted something in the distance. Something soaring through the night sky ((is it night time? i'll edit if otherwise)). Even through the darkness, he could see a man darker than the night. He flew using what appeared to be jet-propelled boots. He made a landing on a building. Erebus kept his distance; he wasnt open to making any allies yet until he knew what was going on.

He followed the man to the park, where soon more peculiar individuals turned up. He his within the shadows of the upper buildings, and watched the scene below.
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