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"Clear landing platform"

Haruka sat down straight and made sure her strappings were tight enough and then noticed on her HUD that video feed from General Ramirez appeared.

"Once on the target you'll have approximately half an hour before the entire back up forces of the Chinese are on your ass", General Ramirez said and saluted them. "Good Luck!"

Haruka simply gave him a small salute with two fingers and just looked as the Aegis one was lifted into a compartment. Each Battle Suit had it's own compartment adjusted to fit them for transportation. The common channel for all of them to speak together was soon opened. Haruka looked at her team mates faces and then grinned.

"As long as we watch each other's backs we're all clear. Nobody try to be a hero guys, last thing we need is dead Ace pilot", Haruka said and leaned back on her seat closing her eyes for a bit.

The massive ship lifted off with a great roar of it's engines. It began speeding up in the air as the curtain of water closed with the hangar doors. They were now in the air on route to the battlefield. Haruka was confident enough that her team mates were capable to handle this mission so fast. But she would have to move fast as well to talk to Katsu and get him on her side. Getting the others would be easier later if she succeeded.

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