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Zeon was watching the city once again. The base of operations had been set up and his henchmen were out attempting to capture one of the citizens. All was going according to plan.

His train of thought was interupted by yet another henchmen coming up to him.

"Sir..we have managed to capture one of the citizens. But we can't seem to find anything wrong with them."

Zeron turned to the henchman and looked down at him.

"Continue researching it. Gather all available data from the citizen and once all the data has been gathered release it back into the city with a tracking device. I want it's every movement tracked.

"As you command sir."

Zeron was about to turn back around to observe the city when the henchman spoke up again.

"There is something else sir. We have been noticing that there seem to be quite a few heroes gathering in the city. We have background checks going on them as we speak."

"You have something else to say?"

"Yes's Shade. Her jet has been reported entering the airspace above the city. I believe that she's found us sir."

"Dispatch two fighter jets to take her down. She's more vulnerable in the air then she is on the ground. You are dismissed."

The henchman nodded once, spoke into a communicator and then turned back toward the stairs. Zeron watched as two fighter jets screamed by overhead and smiled.
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