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((No problem, PK! Now... I apologize for taking long to respond as well. Hey, Cyborg! Want Darius to join in on saving Moxie with Sonya and Baldur? ))

"Thats not my decision to make."

After Baldur vanished, Moxie glared. "I see...." She started to pack her two new guns in her bag, and got her own weapons as well. After this, Moxie got out of her room, and closed the door.

A few moments later, she was in the hangar bay where the vehicles parked. She managed to steal one of the van's keys too.

Before she got in, she heard a familiar voice. "I'm going with you." It was Sonya. Moxie turned and looked at her friend sadly.

"No, Sonya. I gotta do this on my own. You know I love Ashtin. With all my heart. Even if he is a hard Vampire. There's good in him. And I've gotta help him." She placed a hand on Sonya's shoulder. "Stall Baldur. He's good... but I don't want him nor the other agents hurting, or killing, Ashtin. Please, Sonya. Keep your promise..."

Sonya looked down sadly, thinking it over. She then looked up at Moxie, smiling through tears. "I will. Plus... I think that Baldur guy is kinda hot."

Moxie rolled her eyes playfully and sighed. "What do you see in that guy?" She smiled. "Take care, Sonya. And if I don't come back... Take care of Auntie Maria and Uncle Jesse for me. 'Kay?"

"I will." The two friends hugged. After that, Moxie went into the van, started it up, and drove of.

"Good journey, my friend. My sister..." Sonya whispered.


"And a playmate huh? I'm not a toy who sits quietly"

Jezebel raised an eyebrow and grinned through her red lipstick. "Hmm. I see..." Her yellow eyes glew bright by the sight of Ashtin's eyes.


Manson headed towards his office. A few moments, after he got in, he saw Rusu. "Oh. Rusu. Didn't see ya there." He sat in his office seat and smiled at his old friend. Before he could say something, Baldur appeared.

"You're already aware that one of our agents have fled the building, with one of our recently captured targets in custody. Its essential we track both of them down, as they hold the vital information we need. We can perform a locate and extract opperation tonight, but keep in mind we only have 6 hours till sunrise. Otherwise, we can conduct the opperation the next day where we are fully prepared and ready with plenty of time in our hands. I leave the choice up to you, sir. What'll it be?"

Manson looked at Baldur with shock, and rose from his seat. "Black has escaped? And one of our agents took him?! This I can not allow. I won't risk any innocent lives because of those bloodsucking beasts! No offense, Baldur. I want a search team to find the traitor and Black. Now!"

Sonya was outside Manson's door, listening. She gasped, and ran towards her room. After she went inside her room, the young woman began to dial Moxie on her cell phone.

((Would it be all right if Baldur catches Sonya, PK? So that he could suspect that she's in Moxie's pursuit of Ashtin?))
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