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Haruka opened her eyes as Katsu's voice was finally heard through the channel. She sat up straight and nodded.

"Sure Katsu, it's alright, switching to private channel", Haruka said and pressed a button and instantly they changed to an encrypted channel.

I wanted to talk to him more openly but guess I can't help it, Haruka thought to herself.

"I kinda know what this is about Katsu. I could feel the distrust in the glances you threw at me. But there really isn't anything you should suspect from me. Not after I show you something", Haruka said and started to type on her console fast displaying on Katsu's HUD pictures of the MDN with the Chinese Allied Forces destroying a port village at the east of Japan.

"We had been played as fools Katsu. The MDN only made a deal with Japan so they could supply them of weapons. The truth is, they don't give a damn about our people. The intention of the MDN is to forfeit Japan's territory to the Chinese in exchange of the oil reserves in Arab Countries. You must be aware that the Chinese got a foot hold in Brasil, they secured the ethanol plants that the Brasilians had so they got a huge amount of fuel to last them a lifetime, they don't need the fuel in the Arab Countries", Haruka said and then displayed another picture of the US, Mexican, English and French presidents signing a contract with the Russian, Chinese and North Korean Presidents. "These photos are missing something, wouldn't you agree? Where's our president Katsu? He's being left in the dark entirely, the MDN thinks I don't know but this information was secured by my father and they buried him for it a few hours ago. They still haven't noticed that I got this encrypted file from my father. But after he made these discoveries, as a Japanese citizen... no, as a free citizen of this world it is my job to make sure this betrayal doesn't go unchecked".

Haruka grinned at him.

"I know it must be a lot to process and you have no reason to believe me, but after this mission, the wheels will start turning and you will be forced to choose a side. I chose you and the others because you all have a strong sense of justice, I didn't need cold blooded soldiers, I needed soldiers with a soul. And you have one, a strong one. You don't have to believe me now but I already risked enough showing you this. They probably will crack this secured channel and find out that I told you about this and my real intentions. I used to love the MDN, but now... I have to stop it, with you or without you guys, but I admit, I won't get very far without you", Haruka said.

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