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"How's that for speed?", Haruka said with a smile. "We wouldn't be able to police the world, just us as a unit if we couldn't move anywhere fast enough".

"20 minutes? That is very fast," Zhao said, impressed. "Guess I should do a little research on vehicles more." Zhao heard Katsu ask to open a private channel with Haruka, and frowned, but didn't comment. Zhao believed that private conversations should be saved for later, when there was more time to relax. Now was the time to fight, and the fate of the war was probably at stake, too. Zhao checked his ammo supplies on his assault rifle and MGs, and then cocked his assault rifle. "We should be fighting soon. I suggest everyone makes sure that their weapons are fully functional," Zhao said in a deadpan tone, as if he was reading from a manual.

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