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Originally Posted by Lord of Hunger View Post
DeathWaist666, I've had the same problem on both XP and Windows7. Unfortunately, I have not found out a solution. However, I'll try asking around a bit. Just letting you know that you are not alone.

I have decided to completely wipe my game and reinstall it. The mod used to work but I added new mods before I installed BOS the second time and it quit on me with the "ship.mod . Cannot find the specified path" excuse.

I am assuming it has a conflict with possibly the "Bastila's Gold Trim Robes" mod or "Cantina Bastila"

More reports as I discover the problem.

Edit: OK, I have concluded it has something to do with the downloading process. The two previously questionable mods have been OK'd so we are trying a fresh download. Possibly a corrupted file on FileFront. If error reoccurs after this we'll look into more possibilities.

Edit 2: DeathWaist666 and LOH
If you are still having problems, try downloading a new copy.
Worked for me and everythings fine now.

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