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"I...I...This explains quite a bit. I didn't tell you this in the hospital but in the days before Torv killed off the rest of the unit, everyone was acting strange. Keeping me out of conversation, talking with Torv in secret. I believe you Miss Haruka. And let me say this...If they do crack this channel and come after you, rest assured that I will do everything in my power to protect you. Even sacrifice my life to save yours. As of this moment, I stand with you."

Haruka's expression suddenly went from serious, to relief and ultimately to joy.

"You have no idea how relieved I am that I can count on you. I was right to believe in you, thank you Katsu, but we must hold it in for the time being. I just have to get a reason to make the others know about this. I have put into your luggage a small data disc, it contains all the evidence in case they wish to shut me up. Let the others know, they most probably won't know I opened the channel with you but they will know it originated from me. Don't give them reasons to kill you, after all if they do come for me I might need your help to get out of the bind", Haruka said and listened as he spoke again.

"I am sorry to hear about your father Miss Haruka. I'm glad that he managed to get this information to you and I am sorry to suspecting you of betraying us. The MDN has betrayed our county and they will pay with blood."

"It's alright Katsu, my father knew he was getting into a great deal of trouble just getting this information to me. I owe it to him to get the MDN before justice, and I won't stop at anything until they answer for this. But enough of this, we0ve prolonged this too long, we must go back before they get suspicious", Haruka said and then closed the channel and everyone was back on screen again as she heard Zhao suggest that they check their weapons.

"I already did, weapons optimal", Haruka said and looked over her HUD, the timer was soon running out. Get ready guys, we'll be dropping the ground team in 5 minutes. Xaivier, Katsu and Zhao, best of luck out there, remember keep on the look out as we attack the base from the front, then you guys make your move on the back once they leave their posts to reinforce their frontal position. I'll be flying over head so make sure you try to destroy any anti Air defense you spot", Haruka said.

The ramps begun to open.

"Remember to deploy the parachutes as soon as you are below radar range otherwise you'll hit the ground like meteors!", Haruka said.

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