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"C'mon, Moxie, answer the phone..." Sonya whispered. Suddenly, she felt a tap behind her. She gasped, and turned. It was Baldur.

"Funny, I could have sworn somebody was behind Manson's door listening in to our conversation. You wouldnt happen to know anything about that would you?"

Sonya gulped. Then she noticed he was looking at her cell phone. She cancelled the call. Trembling slightly and glaring up at Baldur, Sonya said, "Yeah! I do. And you know what? You guys are almost corrput as the the other organization. The old AWO! You guys care nothing about helping supernatural beings that wants to live peacefully. You just care about yourselves. At least Moxie has that heart to help those different from her."

She then pointed at Baldur. "And you! You care for nothing but yourself." As tears filled her eyes, she turned around and looked down, crossing her arms. "I never wanted to tell ya this. But... I was beginning to like you. Guess that was stupid of me, huh?"

The young woman sadly closed her eyes, as tears fell quietly.
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