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Xavier's concern about Katsu continued to grow when he asked Haruka for a private conversation. In fact he was going to ask Zhao about it when the two returned just as quickly as they had left.

"Remember to deploy the parachutes as soon as you are below radar range otherwise you'll hit the ground like meteors!"

Xavier chuckled at this and instantly thought how funny it would be to be on the ground and see 3 battle suits fall to the ground and explode. He got himself ready and pumped before he heard Haruka again.

"Launch Battle Suits!", Haruka said as the restraints on the Vegas, Aero 8 and Nova battle suits were detached. "Best of luck guys!"

Xavier absolutely loved the free fall being the adrenaline junkie that he was.

"Whoooo!" Xaiver shouted, "Oh this beats bungie jumping by a long shot!"

He took control of Nova to allow himself to do some flips in the air.

"Remember to stay clear of the roads, there will most probably be patrols hanging around them"

"You got it Chief," he said as he put his green helmet back on.

The mountains were clearly in view and he was beginning to see buildings and if he squinted enough he could see come vehicles as well. He activated his parachute and began looking for a good place to land.

"Alright boys, its showtime " Xavier said to Zhao and Katsu. "Now I see a nice a little valley which is protected by the mountains. It looks like a nice place to land without being seen, unless you guys spot something better I say we land there."
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