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Zhao nodded as the others confirmed that their weapons were ready and optimal, and braced himself for the deployment. Zhao felt a little anxious. It wasn't that he was afraid of the troops or heights, but free-falling through the air had always made him feel a little queasy.

"Launch Battle Suits!"

Zhao felt the Aero 8 become detached, and started free-falling with Katsu and Xavier. As Zhao struggled to hold on to lunch, he heard Xavier make a comment.

"Oh this beats bungie jumping by a long shot!"

Hardly, Zhao thought to himself. He was glad to release his parachute a few seconds later, and he then heard Xavier suggest they land in a valley.

"Yeah, that would work." Zhao kept his sentences short. Although he no longer was free-falling, he was still allowing his stomach to settle a bit. "And I'm the guy with the jetpack on his mech. How ironic."

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