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Originally Posted by Divadnessej View Post
i have a question: Ive played BOS and SR but i havent played SR since the day it came out so i dont remember something, does recruit Juhani or not effect if you can play BOS and SR? I would be very grateful if someone could answer.
Nothing SHOULD affect your game. This only involves the Bastila party slot. If you are having problems more information would be helpful.

Edit: Ok I HAD BoS working but then I installed the patch and it quit on me. I highly doubt the patch has something to do with it as I'm sure SilverEdge9 tested it first. But after i reinstall JUST BoS, I will report on my findings.

As I suspected, the patch had nothing to do with it. However, Drix will still not appear in the cantina. The install log says everything was installed properly but there is a problem somewhere.

Any suggestions?

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