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"It's not likely. The Cygnus ended up here because the hyperdrive was completely drained, and the fuel has been leaking out into space since this nightmare started. At the very least, there should be enough to punch a massive hole in the stern of the ship, sucking a good number of zombies into the vacuum. The actual autodestruct sequence is offline, but I think I can manipulate the ship-to-ship weaponry in conjuction with an explosion close enough to the engines to make up for that, and give us all enough time to get out. Just give me the signal."

Perhaps I won't have to sacrifice my ship after all. But I would still need to get in contact with Admiral Belina as soon as possible. She needs to be made aware of this threat.

"So tell me...Do I need to blow up my ship or not? If so, then I have to download precious data I gathered about the infected from my ship before its blown up."

"You came for a reason Shinigami and with a Jedi no less. I ask again, what do you want?"

Alriana turned toward Tavaryn and saw him nod at her.

The truth it is then.

"To be honest...We were looking for you."
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