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TOR may give answers but you must pay to play, also any proof of were revan dies?

ok so i have heard that TOR will be a mmo and to play you must pay like 15 a month right? but if u think about it right then in a few years wont the story be posted on what happened to revan on wookiepeedia eventually? so why would i pay to play? personally i as a fan wanted a rpg not an mmo the experience of an mmo may be fun but it is not like an rpg, in the mmo it is interactive and i personally prefer a game like star wars to be a my self only character based game i don't want to have to compete against other players online all i want is the story i could care less about them. That is my take on the mmo of TOR they should have made a rpg or kotor3 in other words to continue the series kotor not some mmo that will only give a brief to mild explination at best from what i can see that it will do. what is your take on LA's decision to make it an mmo?

and next eventually revan will die sadly but does he die in the unknown regions unlessi am correct that it remains a mystery, should he die in there or what you guys think?

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