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"In all likelihood, I'm guessing you will. There's no guarantee all the cannons are still working, so we need a surefire way to blow part of this ship up." Iyav explained. "But keep in mind, rescuing the survivors and investigating what happened are the primary objectives. Destroying the Cygnus can't take priority. I've managed to download all of the ship's data along with a crew manifest, so that's taken care of. And Komad, when you meet up with the surviving crew, tell them Merin didn't die in vain."

"Understood. I'll see you back at the Eagle" Komad replied.


We've met before, I know that much. I think he's the hermit Tonatius and I dealt with on Jatalra. Kalla explained. He's too focused, I doubt we'd be able to get him to slip up, and interrogating will be useless. I suggest we let him go, and track him as covertly as possible.

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