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Well the old Quake3 way to do it was to have somebody say "I am the leader" in chat (or console). The first person to do this in a team game becomes the team leader. If you say "I am no longer the leader" (iirc) you stop being it. You could also issue a command to assign a bot as the leader. Once you are the leader, issuing commands (guard, follow, cover, attack, defend, etc) would get the bots to acknowledge and then do it (after a long time of no orders they would get bored and do their own thing).

I see the "leader" profile thing appears sometimes but I don't know how to get it to consistently happen or how to undo it.

It should recognize one "leader" per team, and none for the spectators. It should work in Siege, Team FFA, CTF/CTY, and I suppose PowerDuel. You could use it in Jedi Master for the non-Jedi, too.

Cool idea, but I'm really not interested in a whole 'nother gameplay changing mod, just the features that will allow better bot control and intelligence for use with basejka (or rather, OJP Basic).

I'm pretty sure the staff and dual saber options were already possible without a mod (iirc, it's defined in the bot file).

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