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"And I suppose the Jedi are in on this?"

"If you must know, the last time I was officially associated with the Jedi order was over one hundred years ago. Right now, I don't like to think of myself as a member of the jedi. As of now I work with him." She said pointing at Tavaryn.

"In all likelihood, I'm guessing you will. There's no guarantee all the cannons are still working, so we need a surefire way to blow part of this ship up, but keep in mind, rescuing the survivors and investigating what happened are the primary objectives. Destroying the Cygnus can't take priority. I've managed to download all of the ship's data along with a crew manifest, so that's taken care of. And Komad, when you meet up with the surviving crew, tell them Merin didn't die in vain."

Atora nodded and began downloading the information from his ship into his helmet. The helmet's storage capacity was limited but it would hold all of the information that he had collected on the infected. After a moment the data was all downloaded and then he nodded again.

"All of the data on the infected has been downloaded. It's a shame I couldn't save my ship but the republic will always pay for a new one as part of my contract with them."
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