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Hi Hunger. Thank you for your reply. After posting that, I decided to try the savefile included with BoS:SR. I had no troubles at that part (and continued on to finish the original BoS mod - impressive stuff!). I did try an earlier save (although not too, too far earlier) with no success but I think I will still try your other suggestion of fiddling with my graphics settings. Hopefully I can resolve it so that I can replay it with my own character. Unfortunately, I strongly suspect there's something in my save that's not playing nice w/ the mod and I'll not be successful.

Come to think of it, while I've not installed any other mods, I did modify my character's appearance using KSE_333 when I first started the game to a non-standard appearance. Perhaps that's the problem. I may make the same alteration to the provided save and see if it starts crashing there.

I'll report back once I've tried it one way or the other. Thanks again.
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