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Perhaps. Best be wary should we sense him again. Jun-la sent the thought before saying to the intruder, "You may leave but I wouldn't bother reporting to any of the masters. They know exactly what I am up to."


"Satisfied?" Tavaryn asked.

"For now regarding your identities. Heck the last time I heard of a Jedi not being a Jedi was the story of old Jolee Bindo," Haruka replied. "And that was over four thousand years ago."

Familiar with those tales, Tavaryn replied, "You're right on that point. My people think highly of him."

Haruka nodded aware that this Shinigami was most likely an Avalonian since they were rumoured to make up the majority. "Alright so now you found me. What do you plan to do?"

Tavaryn looked at Alriana and then back at Haruka. "For some reasonthe council wishes that you be brought before them. I suspect that it has to do with some of your talents."

Haruka hid his surprise well. "And I supposed your Jedi friend knows this as well?"

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