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"Can you trigger the autodestruct remotely?" Komad asked Atora, still making his way to the cargo hold. He finally spotted the door, with an infected crewmember bashing away at it until it saw them and drew its attention away from the door.

"Careful, he might not be alone." Komad whispered to Atora, activating his lightsabers.


On his way back to the Jedi Temple, Reyvan opened a commlink with the Council. "I've finished my evaluation of Miss Evenstar. For the most part, she appears to have fully recovered, both mentally and physically. However, she seems to be exhibiting an overeagerness to please others, which is more likely a result of her therapy, rather than from Virul's influence, along with a fear of seeing her adoptive mother, likely a result of the guilt relating to the original incident on Bastion. There is been no sign of Virul remaining, or any affinity to the Force beyond her sublustrum state, which seems to have returned fully." He explained.

"Thank you Master Skyrider. We knew she would feel more comfortable speaking to you rather than a Jedi she's never met. You understand that this way is better for her than a formal evaluation. She's been through enough of that." Kol Skywalker's voice replied.

"Yes, Master. I should be back at the Temple in a few minutes."

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