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"And I supposed your Jedi friend knows this as well?"

"As a matter of fact I did know it. I don't know why the council wishes to speak with you however. Like Tavaryn said, it may have something to do with your talents."

"Can you trigger the autodestruct remotely?"

"As a matter of fact I can. But the remote auto-destruct takes twenty seconds to engage. It's a failsafe that was built in after an encounter I had with a bounty hunter on the outer rim."

He followed Komad down to the cargo hold only to see one of the infected trying to get into the cargo hold.

"Careful, he might not be alone."

Atora brought up his assault rifle and blasted the thing right through the head with a single shot. His HUD began to flash, showing that there were multiple hostiles incoming.

"Looks like he did have friends. They won't be around for much longer though." Atora commented as he grabbed a thermal detonater from his belt and prepared to toss it down the corridor toward the incoming infected.
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