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"I know it is not the Jedi council that calls me otherwise they wouldn't have sent a Shinigami with you," Haruka replied.

"Two for two," Tavaryn replied. "Except it is not the Jedi council of the Republic."

"Oh so it is the other one. The one responsible for the largest contingent of Force users and sensitives," Haruka replied in a mocking tone. "No way."

"I have orders to bring you in," Tavryn replied in solemn tone.

"Sure you do." Haruka then directed his attention to the Jedi, "You know exactly what he is Jedi? Or hasn't he told you?"


Jun-la felt the tremors in the Force. She said out loud, "Master Reyvan is returnig. Perhaps you should see Master Skywalker if he needs you to do anything." It was best to let this one go and perhaps Master Skywalker could better sense out what was going on.

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