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Lenatha simply smiled at Andorra, she was feeling happy that she had taken her up on her offer and nodded as she listened to her talk about her sublustrum state.

"Yeah we can definitely discuss it if you want to, and you will be able to talk to me, because I won't pass any kind of judgement on you like those... bastards", she said once again revealing her hatred towards psychiatrists. "But anyways since Reyvan is already gone, there isn't much point in staying here. I have my own speeder so, if you want we can get you settled in, I can also have your personal belongings brought to my apartment from the hospital if you like".

Lenatha moved towards the speeder park lot. Hers was a small two seat speeder, not very flashy, fairly modest but enough to get around.

"Hop in", Lenatha said with a smile as she got inside herself.

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