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Originally Posted by Darth InSidious View Post
As I said above, fiddling with grain levels on the texture hasn't produced much of a discernable difference, but at least the blade looks less ridiculous without red dots all over it. I'm still not happy with the jewels on the hilt, but also not sure on how to move forward with them, so they may remain as they are for now.
Perhaps if the jewels weren't circular? Four point diamond/star shape might work better as jewels. I don't know how large or detailed your texture is, but if the jewels were faceted, and didn't have the white shine right in the middle, it could look less like spots. Are the jewels modelled, or just on the texture? In photoshop, I like to use the pillow emboss, since a little shadow in the right places would make the jewel look set into the gold, rather than glued to the surface.

How well does the Jian model work with two hands on one sword? Otherwise, very nice.

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