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((It's all good, Cyborg. Question is: Where's Kyvios?))

"You havent the faintest clue as of who I am, do you?" he replied. "How could an ordinary man wield the ability to go from one place to another instantly? How could an ordinary man only awaken during the black of night where the presence of sunlight is absent?"

Sonya opened her eyes in surprise when he said that. Then she closed them back sadly, and crossed her arms, as she still had her back to him.

"How could an ordinary man live for over 300 years, and have a taste for human blood? There is only one explanation, Sonya." he placed a hand on her shoulder. "I hunt my own kind, because they are barbaric and senseless. They have no sense of honor. No code. They just kill as they please. I joined the SS, to grant me an opportunity to smite justice upon them. This Vamperic Biker Gang are no different to what I have faced before."

The young woman bit her lower lip, after he placed his hand on her shoulder. He was right... but still...

"The difference between the AWO and us is that they do not tollerate monsters like myself among society. We protect and serve, even if it means hunting our own kind. Do you understand? Do you now understand why we must find Ashtin and this Biker Gang we are dealing with?"

Sonya turned and looked up at him with tearful eyes. "I do. But... Moxie's my friend. I understand the burden you have to go through, but I can't let my friends be killed. Just because nobody cares. This world is growing darker and evil. Yes, we have to kill the creatures who wants to kill. Yes, we have to bring peace between Mankind and the Supernatural. And yes, we have to do our duties. But Baldur..."

She sadly knelt down before him, bowing her head. "Isn't life and love more acceptable than duty? Like I said... I like you. And I don't want anyone I care about getting hurt. Moxie is like the sister I never had before. And Ashtin... I myself was almost in love with him too. But he's still a good person. You need to look deep inside the person before you kill."

The young girl looked up at him with eyes filled with tears. "Please, Baldur. As a student... or more... I beg you to let me talk with Manson. And let Moxie and those who care for Ashtin handle this. Please. I'm begging you." Sonya sobbed sadly. "I'm begging you..." She grabbed the bottom of his red trench coat and cried sorrowfully.
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