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Lenatha glanced a bit at Andorra and smiled at her.

"When I was still living on Nar Shadda, I was often sent out to buy things for the hutts. Since I was a slave girl, I had to do it so they made me learn how. And you know how hutts are, if they don't get what they want and if they don't get it when they want it, it's hell on earth for the slaves", Lenatha said but did not lose her smile. "I think one would actually think that doing this would bring back traumatizing experiences from that time, but for me, actually flying one of these things at full speed felt like I was free, even if it was for a moment".

Shortly after they arrived at the apartment complex's landing pads and she landed gently in the space marked for her apartment. Lenatha jumped off and smiled at Andorra.

"We're here, it's on the 58th floor", Lenatha said as she motioned Andorra to the elevator with her. At the door to her appartment which was number 58394 she opened it to reveal the inside. It wasn't a huge place but it did have a large living room, the kitchen was on the left side and on the right side there were two rooms and the bathroom right between them.

"My room is the far one on the right, you can have the first room, an old friend from medical school sometimes used it to stay when she was on planet but since she's been in the outer rim with the republic, she hasn't been back. You'd like her, she's pretty funny, she's not really pretty but what she lacks in beauty she makes up in personality", Lenatha said giggling a little in rememberance.

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