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Lenatha walked over to the steelplush chair and sat down beside Andorra.

"I... it is kind of a long story", Lenatha said, she didn't want to say anything that might make Andorra disgusted at her as had happened before with others. But she knew she owed it to her since she had shared even if unwillingly, the truth about what happened to her.

"I haven't talked about it in a while because it's not something I'm proud of having done. Back then I was really young, I was just a teenager and I fell in love with a young woman who took care of me, she was one of the slaves there too but she had been there since she was a baby, she was born into Jamiro the Hutt's palace unlike me who was simply bought at a very young age. She helped me a lot and Jamiro found out about us, being the sadist that he was, he simply choose to murder her infront of me", Lenatha's eyes were tearing up and she looked away. "I couldn't do anything, I just stood there helpless and useless. I couldn't take it, I made it my priority to hurt him bad, to cause him the pain he had caused me but amplifying it beyond belief. And so I sought the help of mercenaries and I learned the arts of torture, I studied everyday about the physical composition of the Hutts, finding the weakest spots, the presure points, everything about their disgusting anatomy".

She then stood up facing the window so as to hide the tears flowing from her eyes.

"The time came soon after, Trandoshan mercenaries broke into the palace to claim a debt that Jamiro owed them. They let me have my way with him, I implored them to let me do it and they watched in disgust as I ripped him apart, little by little, the screams coming from his mouth and the agony of him has chased my conscience for so long... After that the Trandoshans took me to Coruscant and put a word for me with an official at the medical school. They hid my past and treated me like just another student. I had finally found a place were I thought I felt safe..."

She sighed and wiped off her tears but she was still crying.

"I don't like psychiatrists for that very reason, when I opened up about this they tried to put a halt to my career. But thanks to the Hospital Director I was able to stay", Lenatha said.

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