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Keisha, our American Eskimo dog, was put to sleep at 12:51pm in the literal arms of her family today, May 22nd. She was 13 years and 10 months old. And we gave her an excellent burial. She'll provide for the tree that was planted over her, like my uncle and aunt's two past dogs. She was buried with her "blanket", a few of her favorite dog treats, and a few flowers from the garden.

Her in July 2009

"The Keisha Tree" at my uncle's semi-rural home, where she stayed at on multiple occasions.

It's a Japanese Red Maple tree. (Ignore the lawn chair, the yard is actually really beautiful, our aunt is a landscaper, and this tree is the first step to improving that particular area)

Also, I'm fine. She was in pain (and starving, eating only a few nibbles of food in a week), it was her time, and we've all accepted it.

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