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Andorra listened to the good doctor's story, and her face was by turns saddened, frightened, revolted, and finally peaceful. She nodded at Lenatha.

"And I thought being the Dark Lady of the Sith was abhorrent," she muttered. "I can't even imagine what you went through. In order to desensitize yourself to the torture techniques you learned day by day..." She trailed off. "If I were you, I would have kept the image of my murdered love in my mind as a focal point, and nothing more. How did you ignore the screams?" She shook her head and shuddered. "When a Hutt howls in your ear--not that it's happened to me--I suspect it would chill your blood."

She reached for Lenatha's hand. "I'm sorry. In fact, I'm more than sorry. I've been redeemed, and I want to try and make amends for what I've done. This world is full of darkness, and I want to shine a little light within it again. I have no right to judge you or what you did, and as for me...I can't excuse myself from all the blame, because when I struck down Lord Virul, I did it out of a craven desire for revenge, not for justice. Perhaps that's what allowed him to possess me so easily. He sensed my anger and fed upon it, knowing that I'd let my guard down, forgetting the ways of the Jedi and my people."

Andorra looked at her chronometer and stifled a yawn. "Perhaps I should get some real sleep," she said, "and not the sleep of the comatose. Agreed?"
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