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Lenatha turned to face Andorra, her expression sad.

"I did make Ariel my focal point. I had times that I was revolted just when I practiced, times I'd stop because I would toss my stomach out listening to the animals I practiced on shriek and wail. But when it came to the final moment, everything around me froze, all went silent, it was my hand, my instruments of pain and his body", Lenatha said and her expression changed to disgust. "The Trandoshan mercenaries even said I smiled at some point and even laugh. But I don't remember that, I get scared just thinking about it".

She felt Andorra reach for her hand and she felt her face blush a bit by her touch and listened to what she said.

"I guess we all have darkness inside us, we can only hope to keep it contained and do our best to keep to the light", Lenatha said and nodded as she said her words about going to sleep. "Yup, you definitely should get some real rest. If you want to take a bath you can go ahead".

Lenatha went into her room and several moments later she came back with a towel and a change of clothes for Andorra.

"I called the hospital so they'll bring your things over in a bit. Here's a towel and a fresh change of clothes you can sleep with", Lenatha said with a smile.

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