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Andorra found her face growing a tad bit warm as she bade Lenatha good night and took the fresh clothes from her. Such compassion, and in chaotic times! She herself had originally thought that no one would trust her after she'd recovered from being a Sith. The truth was, you never really recovered. The memories were still there of what you'd done, no matter if a parasitic Dark Lord had inhabited your body or not. Part of you--the part that was you--kept a record even then of the atrocities committed by the leech within.

That was what usually troubled Andorra during sleep, but not this time...


A ship's interior. The smell of cold metal. Near-complete darkness. Shadows could be seen floating about, but who could tell which were harmless and which were hostile? Soft moans, sounding both human and monstrous. The sound of shuffling feet. Blaster-bolts being fired. Grunts of pain. What was this? The ship was surely lost, for no one heard the distress calls of the men in front of the shadows. The void was such...

Clammy flesh. That was the worst part. It seemed as if decomposition were already settling in upon the faces of the lumbering crew, and it was making their skin wet and wrinkled. Their hands grasped, fumbling, clawing, but with a mad purpose that none of their saner comrades could deny. Their tongues lolled out of their mouths, although some of them were at least rational enough to try and hold them in so as to hide their hunger.

Suddenly the ship itself spun round and round, rotating in a mad whirl, as if one of the creatures had hit the piloting controls and set them permanently to the turning position. Was this to be the final fate of this vessel, to rotate in an endless dance that no one would see, with the fleshy ones trapped?

Andorra, paralyzed with fright, almost did not feel the warm sun upon her face. A gentle breeze outside woke her up. Trembling, relieved, she washed in the refresher near her bedroom and changed clothes. Then she sat down at one of the terminals in the living room, not seeing Lenatha just yet. Turning the console on, she located a holonet search engine and typed.

A word had come to her during the dream, which still haunted her mind:


Literally, "living death". Had this disease been seen or studied before?
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