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As Atora dealt with the zombies, Komad tried to access the cargo hold door's control panel. "This is Jedi Master Komad Kaltas, we've come to rescue you." He said into the comm.

"Is it safe?" He heard back. "Yes, I've cleared a path back to the starboard hangar, and we can get you all back to Coruscant." He explained. Once he heard the last of the zombies go down, he opened the door, and said to the group, "This nightmare is over."


"This seems serious. An intruder, posing as Jedi Turz, finds his way in here and comes after you?" Kol Skywalker asked as Kalla explained the incident in the training halls. "It's also possible he was after Lady Jun-la, or Tonatius." Kalla suggested.

"Regardless, he somehow managed to bypass the Temple's security system, and avoid the attention of anyone else. The implications are unsettling. Do you have any idea as to who he was?" Kol then asked.

"I believe he was Vector S'borr, a hermit I met once on Jatalra. I don't anything else about him past the name." Kalla explained.

"Odd. We will deal with him. I need you to aid the Republic in investigating the now-abandoned New Imperial base on Geonosis. What we know so far about what happened to the Cygnus suggests we will find answers there. However, we will have to wait until your father and Operative Dourden have returned before we can finalise the details." Kol told her.

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