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Kurt couldn't help but the notice that Atora seemed distrustful of Komad. He could hear it in his voice when talking to the jedi. Kurt just dismissed this as typical merc behavior. He was glad to see the survivors were still okay when they finally reached them. At least he was able to keep some survivors alive. Now that the survivors were closed to being rescued, Kurt would probably be reassigned to another ship. Personally he preferred fighting alongside Komad as he respected him very much.

"Is there anything I can help you with Master Komad?"

Wrath made sure to keep a reasonable distance between himself, Andorra, and Lenatha. He could see Andorra was enjoying herself and he was glad she was. He parked his speeder in front of the apartment complex. Once inside he followed the two girls to Lenatha's apartment so he would know where it was. He would remain outside in the hallway for the time being. If he sensed any type of danger he would make his move.

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