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"You know exactly what he is Jedi? Or hasn't he told you?"

Alriana shook her head and then looked at Tavaryn before looking back at Haruka again.

"He has not told me what he is but I feel that if I had to know what he was then he would tell me. As of right now it's none of my buisness."


"Yes, I've cleared a path back to the starboard hangar, and we can get you all back to Coruscant."

Just like a Jedi to claim all the glory. He makes it sound like he was the only one fighting the infected. And I highly doubt that he could have made it down here without my help.

His HUD began to flash again as more of the infected began to move in toward their position, most likely drawn by the explosion of the thermal detonator.

"This nightmare is over."

"Sorry Jedi, it looks like your wrong. We have more infected moving in on us from further down the corridor. I suggest that we leave immediatly."
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