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After Baldur left, Sonya began beating and kicking her desk uncontrollably. "All you knucklehead, blasted people! I'm gonna get me some gernades! and I'm gonna set this place on fire! And with Bald-guy in it!"

She grabbed her coat. "Hate this piece of... ooooh! This godforsaken place can crumble with all these people in it!"

Sonya walked towards the underground garage, continuing to talk to herself. When she got there, she was getting looks from the agents, as if something was wrong with her.

"What?! What?! Ya'll got something to say?! Say it to my face!!!" The agents backed away, looking at her with strange looks and fear. "Yeah. Punks. Like I said, I'm gonna buy me some gernades, and explode everybody in here..."

((Sorry. Wanted to express Sonya more. And boy, is she pissed! ))


Moxie looked at the time. 2:00am. She sighed.

"Whatever you do, Ashtin... where ever you go... I'm always there for you. Always..."

The young woman continued to drive on the road.
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