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"I can't say that I have heard of the name Master Skywalker," Jun-la replied, "Though new and unfamiliar species seem to have been the norm these past few years, haven't they?"

When the door closed, Jun-la snapped her head at the sound and strode to the door. She didn't need the control panel to tell her that the door had been shot. She then said, "I believe our intruder has revealed himself and he used one of our own to get here."

While they were speaking, Tonatius had been running around the temple near the hidden ceiling crevices. Having spent his youth climbing trees with his brother, he was a natural at it though they were both better at swimming, a gift from their mother's people. He kept Kalla in sight, part of a plan they had developed when they suspected enemies were near.

He was patient even when the door was shot to a close. He could sense that Lady Jun-la and Master Skywalker were on the other side, perplexed yet determined to get through. He waited until he saw movement and he made his move. His flash step had improved in recent months and he was there to counter the strike at Kalla, gripping his blade in an iron grip as it allowed the force of the blow to ripple down his arms. He shoved off his attacker and said, "For an assassin you have no manners."

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