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"We can still outrun these monsters, and if we can make it to the armoury on the way to the hangar, this should get a lot easier. Kurt, Atora, I'll need you to cover them from behind, while I protect them from the front."

Atora simply nodded and then brought his rifle up and began to fire into the dark corridor as they began to move. His HUD was showing that even though he couldn't see the infected, he was hitting them occasionaly.

He grinned under his helmet as he grabbed another thermal detonator and tossed it down the corridor. There was a brief silence and then a large explosion.

"I believe that the area behind us is secure for now. I'm only showing one of the infected on my HUD and it looks like he doesn't know that we're here."

"Ask your question."

Alriana watched calmly as Haruka walked away before turning to Tavaryn. "First of all...why are we letting him leave. And second of all, what is a Shinigami? I have heard people call you that before, but I still don't know what it is."
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