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Is this for general suggestions or just for yours? Anyways, some stuff I'd like.

Custom armies in a nutshell:
- Entirely optional, available in other modes than campaign
1. You get (10 000?) credits to build an army with
2. Every character / vehicle / other item costs a certain sum (There are minimum and maximal limits so no one would get 1 000 basic troopers)
3. You can form squads (vehicles and weapon dispensers etc. too) who spawn around the same time and work together
4. An ability to name and customize individual characters would be nice for some people atleast

I doubt this can be said enough, but what I'd like the game be basically:
- Ground troop gameplay from Battlefront 1
- Jedi gameplay from Jedi Knight
- Republic Commando style depth for individual soldiers, teammates and storytelling
- Rogue Squadron style space battles with Battlefront 2 style on foot action
All bonuses like in BF2 should be optional. I hate unlocking troops and special weapons over and over again
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