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Tonatius backed away to gauge the attack pattern of the invader. When he saw him make a move, he movd just as fast to get out of the way, appearing to be shoved away. He retorted, "Death always has manners. It's those that are afraid to look at it in the face that are mannerless."

His step was flawless as he moved to take defense with Kalla. He had heard the assassin saying that he was goiong to kill Kalla but he'd be damned if that would happen. Yet he was not foolish to attack blindly. Even in training when his brother and peers taunted him, he remained calm and studied the technique. Master Andros always said that Almalexia had been a tactician in her day and it seems her sons learned the same. He was aware that his movements appeared foolish but they were with purpose. He also knew that Kalla would be angry if he rushed to her rescue everytime so with a slight touch, he signaled that he had her back but she was the lead.


Tavaryn didn't look at her but watche Haruka head to his ship, "We can't force him to come with us." Then he looked at her, "Making a choice is the only freedom anyone really has. He knows that we came to bring him but he doesn't wish to go. We can't force him. That would make us kidnappers and I definitely know that the Jedi don't believe in that."

He paused a moment before answering her next question. The rain beat down but his head was dry from his hat even as he lowered it to study the ground. Raising his head, he said, "The Shinigami are as old as the Jedi, possibly older. The name literally means "death god" for long ago we were considered assassins even though we have never done that. Our mission really is to protect the Jedi but mostly the Force Senstitives. We live in the shadows, watching and protecting. Just as the Bushida Handmaidens serve the will of Force, so do we and its will for us is to protect. It is strange I know. The interesting thing is that members are not Jedi. They do not use the Force themselves but rather sentou. My mother lived with them to protect me during the days of darkness but she knew that I had hers and my father's Jedi abilities locked away but she never taught me. Protection."

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