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Originally Posted by TiE23 View Post
Wait a second, the levels of sarcasm and veiled insults in this thread are making me woozy. Jmac, stop fronting. You laugh at someone's death, but then can't let Wally get away with making an arguably naive comment.
sometimes the opinions of others have meanings beyond just the words contained within their statements fyi

Originally Posted by MrWally View Post
Of course I've dealt with addiction. Everyone has.

But anyone who gets into drugs knows the risk that they're running. No one "accidentally" starts using drugs*, and anyone who starts taking drugs with the mindset that they won't get addicted is a moron.

Can it be tragic? Yes. But I feel no remorse. That's just who I am.

*Alright, I know there are extreme incidents where this is the case. Like girls caught up in drug trafficking who are forced to take drugs, causing an addiction, so if they ever escape or are freed from the traffickers the withdrawal forces them to come back. Somehow I doubt this is a common occurrence elsewhere.

And for the record, I'm not turning this a "don't do drugs" debate, because that's not the issue. I'm just saying that if someone overdoses, it shouldn't be a surprise. It's just like how I have no remorse when my buddy who deals drugs gets caught, or when someone joins a gang and gets shot, or when a criminal shoplifts and gets caught. They screwed up. Oh well.

If you enter a situation and know full well what the consequences are, but you choose to ignore them...then why should I feel remorse when you suffer the consequences that you were completely aware of? How is this a naive belief?
because you're neither attempting to empathize nor understand the situations of those you're declaring unworthy of your sympathy. from your statements, i can gauge that you're clearly leading a privileged existence, and have no idea what it's like to be unable to cope with life, and be forced into drug use or crime out of necessity just to keep from killing yourself or living on the streets. as to continuing abuse? being unable to get out of that lifestyle because society, including your own family, has cast you aside and you have no one to help you might answer that question.

and whatever middle class habit you kicked, most likely with help from others, isn't comparable to every other addiction. furthermore, even if you're some tough cookie who dragged himself up by his bootstraps despite the odds, the same ****ing thing applies.

am i asking you to pity me if i get fined for smoking a spliff? no. am i asking you to not be so cold hearted towards, say, someone dealing with mental health problems who turns to drugs or crime in order to keep themselves afloat? most definitely.

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