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"It shouldn't be much further to the armory."

"Lets hope your right Jedi. Right now there aren't any infected in range but that could change any moment.

His HUD began to flash again and he sighed as one of the infected crew members ran around a bend in the corridor and Atora instantly dropped him with a shot to the head.

"Making a choice is the only freedom anyone really has. He knows that we came to bring him but he doesn't wish to go. We can't force him. That would make us kidnappers and I definitely know that the Jedi don't believe in that."

Alriana stared after him, she was tempted to run after him and simply grab him and drag him back to the council by force. But she knew that Tavaryn was right: The jedi were not kidnappers.

"So what do we do now? It seems we have failed our mission."

((Let me know if this part of the post fits with the storyline. If not I'll edit it.))
Deep space

Rejira Beroc looked out at the endless night of space as his crew continued to repair his battle worn star destroyer. The ship had been damamged at the battle of Huntaru station and was still being repaired.

He looked out to the left and observed what remained of the imperial fleet. Most of the ships were damaged but only or two were severly damaged. The rest would be repaired by the end of the week.

It's good that Admiral Velerc disappeared. He was unfit, unworthy of commanding the Imperial fleet. I only wish he hadn't gone after Belina at Huntaru, I would have many more ships to work with.

His thoughts were interupted by his chiss first officer walking up behind him.

"You have news?"

"Yes Admiral. It appears that the test was succesful. In additon it looks like we managed to somehow infect one of the Republic's star destroyers."

He turned toward the officer and nodded to him, a rare smile was on his face. "A minor victory...but an important one nontheless. You have done well. I want you to find the location of the Star Destroyer and then take the Death's Head to it's location. You are dismissed."
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