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(Actually, it might work for the New Empire to see the Silver Eagle and the Star Chaser escape.)

"Big mistake." Kalla said as the assassin's lightsaber approached her neck, and she saw it as the right time to break off her ploy, and take advantage of Soresu. Just as the blade was about to hit her, she took a swing at the lightsaber's hilt instead. Even if Vector spotted that, or thought it pertinent, it was too late for him to counter. She ended up destroying his lightsaber in the nick of time. "I gathered that you were trying to kill me, but why?" She then asked, this time more aggressively than her previous inquiry.


"Komad, how much longer do you think you'll be?" Iyav asked over the comm.

"Ten minutes at the most. The remaining survivors and I are on our way back to the Eagle now." Komad replied.

"Good. I'm going to start priming the laser cannons now and head back to the ship. Given the limited power supply, they should take about fifteen minutes to overload." Iyav told him, switching off the comm and getting to work on the cannons.

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