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((Actually the pilot is also female.))

"Friends of yours?"

Shade looked up at the hero who was slowly heading down toward the ground and shook her head.

"Arch-enemy actually. He must found out that we managed to track him here and decided to get rid of us before we landed."

She watched in complete facisination as another hero managed to take out the jet that was heading toward them, and looked down to see that the hero had not only managed to take care of the jet but had also managed to capture the pilot alive.

Not bad...Not bad at all.

The second jet, seeing that it was now out numbered and possibly out-gunned decided to cut it's losses and turn around and head back to territory that Zeron was currently holding.

She looked up at the hero again and smiled gratefullly at him. "I feel I should thank you for saving the life of my pilot and I. Whom do I have the pleasure of meeting?"
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