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Smith watched in awe as Titan and Mantis saved the people in the jet. He was actually glad to be near people like that, seeing how effective they were. He then saw the second jet turn around. I am not letting that guy report our location, he thought.

"I'm going after that jet," he said to the other heroes, and formed a light platform to step on. He then rose into the air quickly, and then shot ahead like a bullet toward the second jet that was fleeing. He was able to grab a hold of the back of the vehicle, and then put his hand near where the engine was, and released a blast of light from his palm. The energy was enough that Candlelight was nearly blasted off the plane himself, and he then realized that the jet was losing altitude. He quickly but carefully slid down towards the cockpit. The pilot was surprised for a second, but then tried to move the jet to shake off Candlelight. However, Candlelight quickly released another charge of light at the glass over the cockpit. Glass shattered and flew everywhere, and one fragment grazed Candlelight's arm, leaving a small but painful cut. Candlelight then took the pilot out of his seat, and then leapt off the plane, dropping towards the ground. At the last moment, he formed a light platform to stop himself and his prisoner, and heard the plane crash and explode behind him. He then floated over to where the other heroes were. He put his arm around the pilot's neck and pointed two fingers to his head, ready to shoot a bolt of light through the pilot's head if the need arised.

"Alright, who wants to interrogate this guy first?"

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