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Andorra explained her nightmare to Lenatha in as much detail as she could honestly remember. "I think I might have seen the Cygnus in my dream," she said uncertainly, "although I'm not entirely sure. Was it the only ship abandoned and infected in such a manner? I certainly hope so, although I know it's a horrible thing to say. If it is, perhaps we can...contain the spread...of whatever it is that's causing vivinecrosis among the crew members."

Her eyes were watery. "During the previous war, I learned all about sacrifice--how it can either be made in victory, or merely in vain. Perhaps if we locate the ship and then blow it up..." She trailed off softly. "The explosion would kill the monstrous creatures aboard, and no living cell, vivinecrotic or not, can survive the heat of a blast of that intensity." She hoped Lenatha wouldn't slap her.
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