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"The name's Titan, and the pleasure is all mine Miss..."

"Shade. And my pilot's name is Leira."

"I believe our new friend here would like to, seeing that the pilot works for her nemesis."

"As a matter of fact I would like to question him."

She turned to look down at the prisoners with a blank expression that had then both shuddering within moments. She grabbed one of the pilots and held them up slightly above her head.

"Tell me where he is hiding."

No answer.

She gripped the pilot's throat and began to squeeze as hard as she could. "You will tell me where he is hiding. Or I will leave pieces of you for him to find."

"H-He will kill us if we speak. And a death at your hands is better then what we would recieve if we went back after answering your questions."

Shade sighed and dropped him to the ground. "Go back to Zeron. And tell him that I will be waiting for him."

The pilot looked up at her, stunned that Shade was letting him go.

"What are you waiting for? Go! Tell your master that I will face him and this time he will not escape. I am ready for him."

The two pilots quickly got to their feet and began to run into the dark streets of the city.

Shade smiled under her mask. The micro-tracker that she had attached to the back of the neck of the henchman was transmitting loud and clear.

She turned back to Titan and smiled at him. "You have been most helpful and I must thank you for rescuing my pilot and I. But I believe it is time that I resume the hunt."
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