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Lenatha's expression went to sadness as she heard everything that Andorra told her. When she suggested the explosion her eyes widened. She considered for a moment telling her something around the lines of "Are you crazy? What about the victims?", but the truth was, there didn't seem to be anything that they could do at this point, no real research was done and even probably no cure for it had been found so the logical thing would be to sanitize the problem which always meant blow it up and broom it off.

"I would normally say that that line of thought was too radical, but for what you're telling me, I have to be realistic. That's most certainly what the government would do if report of this gets to their ears. Rather than invest time that would also benefit the spread of the disease, they might just sanitize and forget about it. But if what Reyvan said was true and Komad Kaltas is over there, then samples of the virus can be obtained and maybe we can research it and find a cure. I just cringe at the thought of abandoning all those victims, I mean what if their all just innocent people who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Should we just... let them die?", Lenatha asked hugging her legs in thought still with her saddened expression mixed with worry.

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