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The chills that ran down Andorra's spine made her visibly convulse. She now understood a part of the nightmare that she'd never really considered before.

"Do you remember the portion of the dream where the ship--the Cygnus, if indeed that is the ship--started spinning around and around because someone hit the piloting controls and turned them to the "permanent bank" position?" She saw Lenatha give a slight nod. "When that happened...I remember so clearly now...all of the ventilation shafts were opened by mistake. For instance, the ones to release body waste, vent toxic gases from engine exhaust, et cetera. The infection--released on vivinecrotic cells from the creatures--travels out those vents. And it's both vacuum-borne and airborne. Someone, either us or the survivors aboard the ship, has to do something before it starts rotating, and quickly."

After swallowing hard, she continued, "I'm convinced that the Force sent me that nightmare. Nothing else--and no one else--could have otherwise. I'm sorry for the victims on the ship, both the creatures and those battling them, but if those controls get knocked into position and the vents open..."

She shook her head in revulsion. "Is there any way we can contact them?"
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