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Lenatha thought for a moment.

"Well I could use the emergency channel to try and contact the Jedi Temple. Maybe someone there can patch us through to Komad Kaltas", Lenatha said and started typing on the console quickly. "I do hope this works".

A man dressed in jedi robes answered, his hologram was clearly visible and he was wearing the usual jedi attire.

"How may I assist you at this late hour?", the Jedi asked.

"Is there anyway we can speak to master Reyvan, it is a matter of great urgency. My name is Doctor Lenatha Pradhes", Lenatha said with urgency clearly in her voice.

"I shall attempt to contact Reyvan", the jedi said and his hologram faded.

"Now all we can do is wait, and hope", Lenatha said.

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