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((Sorry for not posting frequently. Alkonium, if you don't like this next part, then I'll edit it accordingly. )

Kerlos sat in the hangar, his T-21 loaded and at the ready. Despite having barricaded most of the doors, he could hear the infected banging on the other side. Then, one of the doors he didn't barricade started spilling zombies into the hangar. The auto-turrets immediately started blasting the infected, and Kerlos opened fire with his blaster, too. He walked over to the comm system on the ship, still firing, and frantically spoke into it.

"Komad, Iyav, I'm under attack here. Get back to the hangar as soon as you possibly can, I don't know how many there are."

Kerlos then swapped to his Packard Mortar Launcher, and loosed about a half-dozen shots into the crowd of infected, sending several flying like rag-dolls. Come on guys, hurry.

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